10–11 November 2017, Tyumen
Calvert Forum Siberia
4th international conference on creative industries in Russia
About CFS
The 2017 Calvert Forum conference will be held in Tyumen, the unofficial capital of Siberia. The conference aims to explore and strengthen human capital in Russia's largest and most resource-rich region, pursue new ideas on innovative and creative development and facilitate knowledge exchange for budding creative entrepreneurs, cultural activists and state representatives. The Calvert Forum Siberia will gather both Russian and foreign experts in the fields of architecture, urbanism, IT, investment, economics, entrepreneurship, culture and education.

The notion of smart cities has become extremely popular in Russia. Despite this already high level of appeal and the range of promising initiatives that have recently come to fruition, it is essential to study and synthesise global experience if Russia is to undergo a successful and efficient transition to a creative and innovative economy. It is also essential that, within Russia, exchange takes place between businesses, the creative community and the government. For Siberia, which has long been associated solely with its natural resources, an open expert discussion on human capital may trigger further development in this field, contribute to the region's creative capital, and cause major changes in the region's economic policies.
Friday, November 10th
Alexey Kudrin, Vladimir Yakushev, Alexander Dyukov, Igor Lotakov, Annie Warburton, Nonna Materkova, Denis Shchukin
Coffee break
Pavel Belyavsky, Igor Politov, Alisa Prudnikova, Artem Kudzev, Yulia Kargapolova, Emma Vasilieva, Mikhail Tupikin
Valery Falkov, Peter Miskell, Oksana Bulgakova, Ekow Eshun, Yakov Somov, Andrey Sherbenok
Coffee break
Oksana Oracheva, Ekaterina Zatuliveter, Mitya Aleshkovskiy, Anastasia Gulyavina, Irina Neuimina
Saturday, November 11th
12.00 – 13.30
12.00 – 13.30
Pavel Gurov, Alexandra Lakovnikova
13.30 – 14.00
13.30 – 14.00
Coffee break
14.00 – 15.30
14.00 – 15.30
Anastasia Gulyavina, Daria Alekseeva
15.30 – 16.00
15.30 – 16.00
Coffee break
16.00 – 17.30
16.00 – 17.30
Ekow Eshun, Nadia Beard
Coffee break
Saturday, November 11th
Oksana Bulgakova, Alisa Prudnikova, Andrey Shcherbenok
Saturday, November 11th
Alexander Sakevich, Artem Kudzev, Irina Martynova, Yakov Somov
Leading Russian and international experts representing business, the creative industries, urban governance
and social planning.
Alexey Kudrin
Head of the board, Centre for Strategic Studies
Vladimir Yakushev
Governor, Tyumen Province
Alexander Dyukov
CEO, Gazprom Neft PJSC
Igor Lotakov
Managing Partner, PwC Russia
Alexander Dybal
Member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft PJSC
Annie Warburton
Creative Director, Crafts Council (UK)
Pavel Belyavsky
Head of the Department of Communication, Public Relations and Youth Policy,Tyumen Province
Nonna Materkova
Founder and Director, Calvert 22 Foundation
Igor Politov
CEO, West Siberian Radio holding
Valery Falkov
Rector, Tyumen State University
Alisa Prudnikova
Head of the Department of Regional Development, ROSIZO
Ekow Eshun
Creative Director, Calvert 22 Foundation
Anastasia Gulyavina
Founder, Impact Hub Russia
Artem Kudzev
PR director, 2GIS
Yakov Somov
Founder and Director, Lectorium project
Yulia Kargapolova
Head of Communications, My Territory project
Oksana Oracheva
CEO, Vladimir Potanin Foundation
Ekaterina Zatuliveter
Founder, Altourism project
Mitya Aleshkovskiy
Founder, Takie Dela media platform
Oksana Bulgakowa
Professor, Institute for Film, Theater and Empirical Cultural Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Peter Miskell
Professor of International Business and Media History, University of Reading
Andrey Sherbenok
Director, School of Advanced Studies, Tyumen State University
Pavel Gurov
Founder, Gurov Agency
Nadia Beard
Editor in Chief, The Calvert Journal
Irina Neuimina
First Deputy Director, the Palace of Creativity and Sports Pioneer
Founder, SibSub project
Daria Alekseeva
Founder, Charity Shop project
Emma Vasilieva
Director of the Center for Material Culture and Design of Omsk State Technical University, Head of Omsk Art-residence
Mikhail Tupikin
Head of the event department of Bumaga Media,
Organizer of Science Slam in Russia
Alexandra Lakovnikova
Founder, Control Digital
Our audience and goals

Our key priorities for Calvert Forum Siberia are:

  • To outline the role of creative and innovative projects in the development of Siberian cities
  • To foster an expert discussion on the subject, allowing participants to share their professional experience in the field of creative industries
  • Outline means and strategies for local state authorities to boost creative industries in the region

Our audience:
  • Russian and international experts in the field of creative industries
  • Creative entrepreneurs, local innovators
  • Business community
  • State authorities
  • Heads of cultural and educational institutions

During Calvert Forum Siberia a set of measures will be outlined by Calvert Forum's board of international experts, to be passed on to local authorities and other stakeholders. Further steps may include a larger-scale strategy for creative industries, to be implemented at both the regional and federal levels.
About Calvert Forum
Calvert Forum is an international initiative focused on the role of creative industries, studying examples of creative best practice from around the world, fostering international expert exchange and implementing strategies of creative development across the Russian regions.

Сalvert Forum was launched in St Petersburg in 2013 by Calvert 22 Foundation and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St Petersburg State University, supported by the State Hermitage Museum and Leontief Centre. The forum's inaugural discussion event, titled «Creative industries: who is building the new economy of Russia?», took place in the General Staff Building of the Hermitage.

In 2014, Calvert Forum held a conference in Voronezh in partnership with the government of the Voronezh Province, which brought together experts from as far afield as Manchester and London. The forum was supported by a number of Russian institutions, including Voronezh State Academy of Arts; Strelka Institute of Media, Design and Architecture; ArchPolis Centre for Territorial Initiatives; online media outlets UrbanUrban and Downtown, and the Committee for Civil Initiatives.

The third forum took place in Kazan in 2015. Backed by the President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minikhanov, the conference was focused on digital initiatives and the further cultural development of Kazan. The conference was hosted by IT-Park, the biggest technological institution in the region.
Why Tyumen?
Tyumen, one of the oldest Siberian cities, was once a starting point for the exploration of the entire region. Today it is the capital of the Russia's biggest administrative entity. An influential cultural and historical centre, Tyumen is also a rapidly developing modern city, exemplifying the major trends of urban development in the region. In the mid-20th century Tyumen became a centre of interest for ambitious youth, at this time due to oil and gas exploration. Now that diversification lies at the heart of economic discourse, Tyumen has once again come to the fore.

The oil and gas industry has secured the city's ample budget and has made the Tyumen Province the leading Russian regional economy. Indeed, Tyumen has on numerous occasions been granted the title of Russia's most comfortable and well-off city. Local residents are very satisfied with the city's infrastructure, cleanliness and the affordability of living. In addition, the city authorities have welcomed creative initiatives and supported small local businesses, which has certainly contributed to creating a better entrepreneurial climate in Tyumen.
Cosmos Youth Cultural Centre, 165A Republic st
Feel free to contact us
Maria Buriak
Project manager
Phone: +7 921 788 40 64
E-mail: maria.buriak@calvertforum.org
Organising committee
Calvert Forum Siberia is part of Calvert Forum's Creative Practices educational programme, generously supported by Gazprom Neft PJSC in partnership with Tyumen State University.

Calvert Forum is the in-house think-tank of Calvert 22 Foundation, a British non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the culture and creativity of the New East – eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia. The organisation aims to bring the best creative practices from the region to an international English-speaking audience via its online platform The Calvert Journal and to a London audience via its offline multidisciplinary space in London's Shoreditch, Calvert 22 Space.

Creative Practices is a project studying the nature and development of the creative economy in the Russian regions through field research, data analysis and events. The Creative Practices programme was launched with the aim of encouraging a more sustainable approach to social initiatives, creative projects and entrepreneurship in Russia, synthesising creative best practice from around the world and applying it in Russia, informed by in-depth research and local expertise. Creative Practices isgenerously supported by Dear Cities/ Hometowns, a social investment programme by Gazprom Neft PJSC.

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